More About Us

  • Your initial consultation helps us determine your needs, goals and risk tolerance.


  • We tailor your portfolio and monitor it to ensure it meets your needs and is reaching your goals.


  • Each quarter, you receive a report detailing positions, transactions and rate of return for your accounts.


  • As long as you are our client, we keep an open line of communication with you. We are always available to assist with other financial or investment matters.

  • We consider your whole financial picture and will work with your CPA and Attorney to minimize tax implications and maximize your net worth.


  • We keep a long-term, buy and hold process that reduces trading costs and takes advantage of short-term opportunity.


  • We use very low-cost funds, which minimize your cost and maximize your returns.


  • Communication is key to our relationship. We publish a newsletter and regularly update our online blog.

  • Our management fee is based on the amount of assets under our discretion. Unless otherwise specified, our fee is 1% of assets up to a $1,000,000, .75% of assets from $1,000,000 - 2,000,000, .5% of assets from $2,000,000-$5,000,000 and .25% of assets on each dollar above $5,000,000.


  • We do not receive any compensation from third parties - we work for you.


  • We have a vested interest in growing your account. You do not pay us for returns, but as your account grows, our fee grows - aligning our interests.


  • For clients without assets under management, we may charge up to $350 per hour for meetings, advice and research.


More about our business

We are an independent, fee-only investment advisory firm, offering an alternative to commission brokerages and other expensive financial products. Our fiduciary duty to you means that we will always put your needs before our own interest, and we have a duty to seek the lowest cost and best options for you. We receive no commissions for product recommendations; advice is based on client objectives alone. New Perspectives charges 1.00% of asset valuation annually. This ensures that increasing firm wealth only comes with increasing your wealth.


Our investment philosophy is a disciplined, balanced portfolio in an allocation tailored to your needs. While we are vigilant and monitor your portfolio daily, our long-term view focuses on economic and business fundamentals to avoid the short-term mistakes that lead to underperformance in market swings. We focus on using the lowest cost funds where they are most effective – cutting costs to increase your returns. We use discount brokers to further minimize your costs and obtain best execution for your trades.


Your investment needs are unique. In our initial meeting, we want to get to know you and see how we can help meet your needs. Our advice and your account allocation are based on your needs, objectives and risk tolerance. Your whole financial picture is important to us, and we will work with your CPA or attorney to minimize tax implications and maximize your net worth.


With New Perspectives, clients can expect a high degree of personal service. Communication is key to our relationship.  We are always available to take care of any questions you have – be it about your account performance, financial needs or just a call to catch up with you. While our primary practice is investment management, we strive to address any financial questions our clients may have. Everything that we do, from our initial meeting to regular calls and reports, is to keep your mind at ease about your finances.


We do not custody funds but use a third party broker. Use of a third party offers protection to our clients. We use discount brokerages for transactions involving stocks, bonds and many mutual funds.  Some funds may be accessed directly.  We receive no compensation from the broker or the mutual funds, but we are recognized as a financial advisor.  All mutual funds recommended are pure no-loads, having no commissions.  Exchange-traded funds are used to gain exposure to broad areas of the market. Selection of a discount broker is based on cost, service, and trading efficiency.


At New Perspectives, we value our clients' privacy.  Aside from that required by the broker to open an account, non-public information is not released to any other third party without express permission of the client.  We take protecting your personal information very seriously. 


Nancy Anderson Ph.D., CFA and Ryder Taff, CFA, CIPM are solely responsible for giving investment advice, selecting securities and managing accounts.