Frequently Asked Questions


How do you keep me safe?

While any investment involves risk, our management style mitigates many of these risks while still meeting your goals. Additionally, there are many layers of fraud protection so that you can remain confident that your money remains your money. Beyond that, we strive to protect your personal information not only within our office, but wherever you are. We take your privacy very seriously and will not even acknowledge you are a client to anyone you have not explicitly given us permission to speak to. Be sure to click here to read more about how we keep you safe!


What can I expect out of my initial meeting?

Your initial meeting will be with either Nancy or Ryder or both advisors. They would like to get to know you and hear your financial story and dreams. They will assess your current financial state and help guide you in the decisions that you will need to make to reach your goals. Sometimes this is as simple as investing your exisiting accounts in an appropriate allocation and setting up a regular deposit or withdrawal. Some situations require more complex solutions.


Your initial meeting generally lasts an hour, though we are flexible. We may need to do some research on specific issues outside of the meeting. We will present you with a comprehensive financial plan, assessment and set of recommendations within a week! If you would like us to manage your accounts, you will not be billed for the initial meeting and research and we will start the transfer process.


How do I need to prepare for a meeting?

For an initial meeting, please bring any financial documents you may have. These include statements from savings accounts, retirement accounts, other brokerage accounts and pension or social security statements. It is also very helpful if you have a very solid idea of your monthly income and expenses. Lastly, have an idea of your financial goals - be as specific or as general as you like!


Established clients should keep our office up to date on any life changes, from a new address to a marriage or a job change. We will provide reports for any accounts we manage, but we like to keep up with what other assets you have so that we can make sure your portfolio is working well for you.


Do you serve clients outside of the Jackson Metro area?

While our office is in Ridgeland, MS, we do serve clients all over Mississippi and across the country! We keep in touch with our further afield clients through phone, e-mail and snail mail. We may be available to travel for clients within the state.


Where is my money kept?

We use TD Ameritrade as our primary custodian. They are one of the largest custodians in the country. We never hold or have access to your money. The use of a third party custodian protects your money from fraud and loss in several ways. You will receive reports and statements from both us and TD Ameritrade.


How do I deposit or withdraw money into or out of my account?

For deposits: Checks are ALWAYS made out to "TD Ameritrade". You can drop a check by our office or send it to our secure post office (PO Box 489, Tougaloo MS 39174). We never hold your checks overnight and will deposit them via secure express courier or electronic deposit. We can also set up a link in between your local bank and TD Ameritrade for regular deposits - please find the details in the withdrawals section below.


For withdrawals: The easiest way to withdraw money is for us to set up a link between your local bank and TD Ameritrade. This is done by a fairly simple form called a Move Money form which requires only a void check and your signature. We can send money to your local bank account quickly, on demand and at no cost to you.


Does your office handle my taxes?

No. New Perspectives does not file tax returns, however, we do as much as we can to help with your taxes. If you give us permission, we will work with your CPA to answer questions they may have about reports or information that they may not otherwise have access to. On top of that, we strive to manage your accounts in the most tax efficient ways possible, so it is useful for us to be kept informed about your tax situation.


Can I view my accounts online?

Yes! If you are already set up, please either navigate to or click the TD Ameritrade logo in the upper right corner of our website to access your accounts. There you will be able to view positions, trade and find old statements.  TD Ameritrade also has a free app, "TD Ameritrade AdvisorClient Mobile," available for iPhone and Android devices.  


If you have an email address, we will set you up to view your accounts online. Just wait a few days after opening your accounts and we will email you detailed instructions on how to access your accounts.


How are fees calculated and paid?

We will deduct fees from your account every quarter. Since you pay in advance, the fee is based on your account balance from the first day of the quarter. Our base annual fee is 1% of assets, so every three months we bill you for 1/4 of 1% of the value of your account on the first day of that quarter.



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