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May 30, 2017

"How to Pay a Financial Advisor"

Kayleigh Kulp of U.S. News & World Report quotes Ryder:

How is the advisor paid? "A fee-only advisor is compensated only by fees charged to the client, that is, the person seeking the advice is the person paying for it," Taff says. "A commission-based advisor is getting paid by a third party, for instance, a brokerage that they work for or a mutual fund company compensating them for pushing their own products."


The distinction is important when considering whether your best interests are at heart and whether there are conflicts of interest, he says.


"There is no fee structure that will give you a higher return," Taff says. "Only lowering overall fees will raise your dollar return."

May 15, 2017

"Parents: Help Your New College Graduate Achieve Financial Success"

Tanisha A. Sykes of USA TODAY suggests graduates:

Book time with an adviser. Feel like your advice is falling on deaf ears? Pay for a one- to two-hour consultation. “Objective financial advice is invaluable,” says Ryder Taff, a financial adviser at New Perspectives, a financial services firm in Mississippi. To find an adviser, ask other professionals, says Taff. “Attorneys, CPAs and bankers typically have a good relationship with an adviser they trust.”

February 13, 2017

"Why Roth 401(k)s Are A Great Deal for Millennials"

Brian O'Connell of U.S. News & World Report shares Ryder's advice concerning Roth IRAs and 401(k)s:

"They're the best for tax avoidance," says Ryder Taff, a financial advisor at New Perspectives in Ridgeland, Mississippi.


There are two factors that make them so valuable, Taff says: current versus future tax rates and the time for compound growth.

"As far as tax rates go, someone who is good at saving for retirement may retire and find that they have more income in retirement than they did when they were working," he says.

"If you put $100 per month into an account for 40 years at a 7 percent return, you would have a balance of almost $240,000 while only having put aside a total of $48,000 over the years," Taff says. "If this was in a traditional IRA or 401(k) at a 20 percent tax bracket, you would have saved $9,600 in taxes, but owe almost $48,000 in taxes upon withdrawal. If this was a Roth IRA, you would have paid that $9,600 in taxes already but owe nothing more."

September 26, 2016

"Investing For Beginners: What First-Time Investors Need to Know"

Stephanie Faris of GO Banking Rates shares Ryder's advice:

“You cannot invest without getting your finances in order,” said Ryder Taff, a chartered financial analyst and portfolio manager at New Perspectives, a fee-only investment advisory firm in Ridgeland, Miss. “Make sure that you have money to invest, and part of your budget can go to saving and investing each month. While retirement savings through an employer account is a high priority, and investing for other goals is very important, you must have your other finances in order before investing.”


“Diversification is important in two ways — between and within asset classes,” said Taff. Asset classes are defined groups of securities and investments that are expected to behave similarly, according to Taff. Examples of asset classes include large U.S. stocks, small U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, corporate bonds and cash.

Taff recommended having different asset classes in your portfolio, adding that your precise mix will depend on your unique situation and goals. “It is the role of an advisor to help optimize that mix for you,” he said.

“Within asset classes, you can diversify by investing through funds,” said Taff. “Funds hold a lot of different securities or investments in them so that you don’t have to pick out individual ones. Index funds are everywhere and are cheap to buy and hold.”

September 02, 2016

"6 Warren Buffett Investments That Are Shaking Up 2016"

Ashley Redmond of GO Banking Rates quoted Ryder about two of these investments:

“Apple has a strong brand, independent management and tremendous cash flow,” said Ryder Taff, portfolio manager at New Perspectives, a money management firm based in Ridgeland, Miss. Although Buffett himself might not have thought of this purchase, it fits well with his style.

“Buffett loves a good brand, and John Deere is a great one. Driving through rural America, nothing is more recognizable than the green bodies and yellow wheels of John Deere equipment,” Taff said.

May 18, 2016

"Not Saving Enough for Retirement is Americans' Biggest Regret"

On The Street, Brian O'Connell talks with Ryder:

"Being cash strapped in retirement is just a symptom of a bigger problem - poor planning," offers Ryder Taff, a financial advisor with New Perspectives, in Ridgeland, Miss. "It's very important to look at estimated cash flows in retirement. There are myriad financial factors that go into retiring, and without coordinating those factors well, retirees can find themselves in a totally avoidable bind."

One "huge mistake" Taff sees from clients on a regular basis is people taking their Social Security payments too early. "There are few reasons to take Social Security before actually retiring, but many people do it at age 62 anyway," he says. "For many people who have modest, but not substantial assets saved for retirement, it may make sense to live off of investment income for a short time while their Social Security benefit grows."

May 12, 2016

"US Mortgage Rates at Three-Year Low, but Long-Term Volatility Lies Ahead Long-Term"

Brian O'Connell of The Street discussed mortgages with Ryder:

Other real estate market observers agree. "Mortgage rates are still low because there is still a lot of money looking for the safe return of investing in mortgages and not enough people taking them out," says Ryder Taff, a financial advisor with New Perspectives, Inc., near Jackson, Miss. "Rates may fluctuate around a bit, but in general, they're are very low right now and will be for a while."

"This is a fantastic opportunity for people to re-finance and there are a lot of people who still have not refinanced their mortgages," he adds. "A refinance can save a lot of money on your monthly payment, as well as on the whole length of the loan."

May 03, 2016

"The Top 7 Money Mistakes: How Many of Them Have You Made?"

James Duren quotes Ryder in his article on highya:


Those crossroads of decision tend to either speed up our wise choices or delay them. Unfortunately, most of us delay retirement contributes, says Ryder Taff, a CFA with Mississippi-based financial firm New Perspectives.


"Many people postpone getting serious about their finances because they are afraid of looking into their own finances," Ryder says. "They think their long-term needs are too far in the future or they mistakenly think they will be totally taken care of with some minimal effort in a 401k or through social security."

March 21, 2016

"10 Stocks that Haven't Dropped in 5 Years"

Ashley Redmond discusses Balchem Corporation with Ryder in her article on MSN:


“Balchem Corporation has performed well because they are boring. Sometimes boring is best, and Balchem is the best type of boring,” said Ryder Taff, portfolio manager with New Perspectives. Balchem makes critical ingredients that not many other companies make, he said. It supplies manufacturers, not the end consumer, which keeps its growth simple and steady. For example, it manufactures choline chloride, a nutrient that is essential for poultry and swine production animals.


“They have a small dividend that they have consistently raised for the past five years,” he said. He expects the steady growth to continue because the company operates in a necessary and specialized segment that is in demand.

February 17, 2016

"Special Report: Winklevoss Twins Help Bitcoin Exchanges Enter the Big Leagues"

On Finance Magnates, Leon Pick posted an excerpt from a piece in the Q4 2015 issue of the Finance Magnates Quarterly Industry Report:


Ryder Taff, Portfolio Manager at Ridgeland, Massachusetts-based New Perspectives, believes that the development of regulated bitcoin trading for institutions and the increasing stability are no coincidence.


“Institutional market participants will likely be more conservative, and behave in such a way to keep the price more stable. Institutions value stability and predictability and will bring that to the market. As much as bitcoin enthusiasts like to talk about putting the power in the hands of individuals, institutions will bring a lot of experience and resources to the bitcoin market. While innovative ideas do come from individuals, large organizations are the ones with the capability to implement new ideas,” he told Finance Magnates.


He suggested that the involvement of institutions in trading, at least for now, would be relegated to activities carrying a minimal level of risk. “Much of the institutional activity in bitcoin will likely be low risk market making activity for the time being (again, contributing to stability),” he said.


*Ryder hasn't moved the office to Massachusetts. We are still in Mississippi.

January 07, 2016

"Ryder Taff Earns CFA Charter"

 The Mississippi Business Journal recognizes Ryder's charter award from January 2015:


Ryder Taff, CFA was recently presented with his CFA charter by Jeanne Murphy of the CFA Institute.


The CFA Charter is the highest global credential for ethics and professional standards in the finance industry.


Ryder has been a portfolio manager at New Perspectives, Inc, of Ridgeland since 2011.


Ryder also sits on the board of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, writes a regular column for Parents and Kids Magazine and is a member of the Madison-Ridgeland Rotary Club.

November 29, 2015

"Premiums for Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) Hover Near 6-Month Highs"

Leon Pick of Finance Magnates discussed bitcoin with Ryder in his article:

The seemingly irrational GBTC price premiums, according to Ryder Taff, Portfolio Manager at Ridgeland, MS-based New Perspectives, stem from factors relating to available supply and demand.


“Lack of liquidity, accessibility and transparency can all cause significant price dislocations. With the BTC Trust, it is far easier for people to access the trust than the underlying Bitcoin. With the pool of available money going into the trust faster than into Bitcoin, that price rises far off of its underlying value,” he told Finance Magnates.


As to why the premium is maintained even when considering the equally relative ease with which the shares can be sold off, this too is a matter of supply and demand. “The supply of money ready to go into exchange traded investments, like the trust, is just much much greater than the supply of money ready to go into bitcoin, which, for all of the attention it gets, is still a very niche thing,“ he argued.


November 20, 2015

"41 Biggest Personal Finance Lessons of 2015"

Ashley Redmond of GO Banking Rates quotes Ryder in her article, "41 Biggest Personal Finance Lessons of 2015" for three of these lessons.

October 14, 2015

"BBVA Review: BBVA CDs Could Help You Build Your Savings"

Ashley Redmond of GO Banking Rates discussed CDs with Ryder:

“Right now, CDs are just about the only way to get any interest at a bank,” said Ryder Taff, portfolio manager of New Perspectives, Inc. “They are also appropriate for emergency funds as they keep the money out of reach unless you really need it.”

September 26, 2015

"How to Combine Your Investment Accounts After Getting Married"

Caroline Banton talks money and marriage with Ryder in her article on GO Banking Rates:


A financial advisor that specializes in couples’ finances can bring a practical perspective to these situations. An advisor can help you decide on your goals, determine your level of risk as a couple and help you to consolidate your individual accounts. You will need to gather credit card statements, bills, investment account statements and credit reports.


Ryder Taff, a portfolio manager for New Perspectives Incorporated, said of clients in his practice: “We open a joint account at a single institution (called the destination institution) for the clients, then open individual accounts as needed at that institution. We transfer the individual accounts from wherever they are into the individual accounts at the destination institution. Then a simple letter of instruction clearly states that they understand they are giving up sole ownership of the assets and is used to move the individual accounts to the joint account.”


Your financial advisor should also help you to address debt, file your taxes in an advantageous way, guide you in creating an emergency fund and help you plan for retirement.

September 15, 2015

"If Your Financial Planner is Making 1 of These Mistakes, Then Fire Them Today!"

Douglas Matus of Self Lender mentions Ryder's advice in his article:


“A bad sign, and not necessarily a mistake, is when an advisor recommends a product that has very high commissions,” says Ryder Taff, portfolio manager for New Perspectives, Inc. “People should always ask how an advisor gets paid. Commissions can lead even the most well meaning person astray.”

September 07, 2015

"What You Need to Know About The New IRA Rollover Rules"

Sheryl Nance-Nash of DepositAccounts quotes Ryder:

Ryder Taff, portfolio manager of New Perspectives sees an upside, "Some people take money out just to use for every day expenses, which is very harmful for their financial plans. This rule should cut back on that bad practice."

June 30, 2015

"5 Reasons the Retirement Crisis is Worse for Women than Men"

On The Week, Beth Braverman discusses the challenges women face in retirement with Ryder in her article:


To get the returns necessary to build a nest egg that will carry them through retirement, most financial planners agree that investors — especially young ones with a long time horizon — need allocate a good portion of their portfolio in stocks. "Most people need to have some level of risks in order for their savings to be able to carry them through retirement," says Ryder Taff, a portfolio manager with New Perspectives in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

June 23, 2015

"How Saying 'No' Can Save Your Retirement"

Beth Braverman in The Fiscal Times quotes Ryder:


"Retired people who do want to continue to support their children can see what they can afford and make an annual gift to them," says Ryder Taff, a portfolio manager with New Perspectives in Ridgeland, Missouri. "They make it clear that this is all that they will give and it makes it easier to say no when the child asks for more." 


*Our office is in Mississippi, not Missouri.

June 15, 2015

"7 Best Stock Brokers for Online Trading"

Ashley Redmond of GO Banking Rates spoke with Ryder:


“Good reporting features are essential, displaying account information in a way that the investor understands,” said Ryder Taff, portfolio manager, New Perspectives, Inc.

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