Advice for Graduates

Things are picking up. What we’re hearing from our MC graduates is that most of them had jobs by the time they graduated, and the salaries were better than we had seen before. We’re very excited about that. But just know, things are still very slow. We got GDP numbers this morning. It was good, but not as good as we’d hoped. Be patient. The jobs search is a numbers game. The more times you apply, the more your chances grow, and it’s still very competitive out there. So don’t take it personally if you get turned down. There are many people out there still looking.

Many graduates are very concerned about paying back those loans. Remember that the payback kicks in six months after you graduate, so you do have some time. And with this improvement in the jobs market, I think you’re going to be fine.

I always have advice for the parents out there. When those children graduate, they are grown. So, as soon as that first paycheck arrives, cut the financial apron strings. Encourage a move out of the house ASAP. Let them be on their own. But, also encourage them to look at their benefits with their new employer. Know that they can still stay on the family’s insurance until they’re 26, so that does give them a break and allows them to take a job that might not have as many benefits at first.

The first job advice for those new graduates: show up early; don’t just show up on time. Dress appropriately, and stay off Facebook and Twitter. Be happy you have a job, because it’s still very tough out there! Know your benefits. Pay attention to what’s being offered by your employer beyond just the salary. Sign up for that 401(k) as soon as you can, and immediately start contributing at least 10% of your paycheck. Get started as soon as you can, and that will pay off down the road.

Make sure you have a good resume. Any kind of experience, whether it’s volunteer experience or part-time jobs that you’ve had while in school, will help. Just know that employers are looking. They’re looking for people with good work ethics. Show them you’re excited to have a job and you want to be there, and you’ll be able to find a place.

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