One of the most important questions to ask a financial advisor:  "Are you a fiduciary?"

Fiduciary is a legal term. We usually put the word “duty” with that: fiduciary duty. That means you have an obligation to act in someone else’s best interest—to not put yourself firs...

It’s hard to believe Social Security has been around for 80 years. It’s a great program, and everyone always asks me: Do you think it will last? So, I’m going to tell them: Take heart. It’s still there.

Some history first: It was modeled after Civil War pensions. German...

The question I always hear is: “How much house can I afford?” You don’t want to be “house poor,” because you want to be able to do some other things. But, there are some rules of thumb. Sometimes we say 2.5 times your household income is the total purchase price, or yo...

Your credit score—it’s a very important number. It’s called FICO, which stands for Fair Isaac Corporation. That’s the company that designed this scoring system. The scores range from 300 to around 800. It is an algorithm, or a statistical model, which basically means t...

I always tell people: Pay yourself rather than paying Uncle Sam. The best way to do that is to fund your retirement plan. Now, while we can’t do that for this past year, with this year’s changes in our 401(k), this is a good time to look at your 401(k) and ask if you’r...

I had a chance to take a group of students from Mississippi College to the Global Asset Management Education Conference in NYC. We ran into a group from Mississippi State as well as a group from Jackson State (I don’t know if Ole Miss was there). But it was a chance fo...

W-2s record all of your earnings that you’ve made with your employers. These forms are sent out by January 31st.

1099s cover any dividends or interest you earn on investment accounts. If you give someone any contract labor to someone they will send you a 1099. If you ta...

There are so many questions that you have when you’re facing retirement. One of them is: What are you going to do in retirement? What will that life look like? There is a site called, and it prompts you with these questions about, well, what...

If we look at the price of oil right now—below $50 a barrel—it was about six months ago that it was at $115 a barrel. We see this huge drop. Everybody knows you’re starting to see prices at the pump below $2 a gallon. The strange thing about it earlier in the week: th...

It’s almost Thanksgiving; and we get very excited around Thanksgiving and the holidays, so I want to remind people that we’re getting towards the end of our tax reporting year. Go ahead and start looking at some things that you need to do to take advantage of some thin...

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