In this segment of Midday Money, Nancy discusses rising interest rates. Watch it online here.

Interest rates are on the rise, so we have to look at what’s going on. Right now, we’re seeing the 10 Year Treasury has increased by about 30 basis points (so that’s 0.30%). 30...

It’s a time of uncertainty, and everyone needs to know that uncertainty is the biggest thing that investors do not like. We’re trying to look at what this is going to mean for our stocks.

We looked at the Goldman Sachs Economic Outlook. There are some positives in that....

Investors, business… We don’t like uncertainty. They don’t know what’s going to happen with this administration. The more uncertainty that exists, the more they’re going to pull in, keep their powder dry, wait for the smoke to clear and see what happens.


Nancy appeared on WLBT's Midday Mississippi yesterday to explain the recent scandal at Wells Fargo and how this affects the bank's customers.  Watch it online here:

"Have you started saving for your child's college experience? 
Dr. Nancy Anderson stopped by with tips on why you should start saving NOW in our Midday Money segment." WLBT

Disability is something most people don’t think about. They think about: “What happens if I die? I need life insurance.” But more people, more often than not, are going to end up disabled. One in four will have a chance o...

Nancy gives us a refresher on taxes during Midday Money here.

A lot of people who are retired are tempted by this. You need to stop and consider some things. The first is: Can you afford it? Some will say, I’m going to use some cash. Remember that if you give up that cash, especially if you’re retired, you’re giving up some prote...

We now have $1.2 trillion in student loan debt out there. On average, our students are graduating with $35,000 of debt. That’s a lot for someone starting out in the workforce. 71% of our students graduate with some amount of debt—about three quarters of us. So, that be...

A lot of people are suffering from that debt hangover right now. We’ve been through a shopping season with Christmas, and so we have that hanging out there. We need to address it, because the secret to good financial health is to get out of consumer debt.

Right now, for...

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