In this segment on WLBT, Ryder discusses holiday spending. Watch it online here.

In this segment of Midday Money, Nancy discusses rising interest rates. Watch it online here.

Interest rates are on the rise, so we have to look at what’s going on. Right now, we’re seeing the 10 Year Treasury has increased by about 30 basis points (so that’s 0.30%). 30...

It’s a time of uncertainty, and everyone needs to know that uncertainty is the biggest thing that investors do not like. We’re trying to look at what this is going to mean for our stocks.

We looked at the Goldman Sachs Economic Outlook. There are some positives in that....

Nancy appeared on WLBT's Midday Mississippi yesterday to explain the recent scandal at Wells Fargo and how this affects the bank's customers.  Watch it online here:

Investing in stocks in a long-term game. You just have to expect volatility, meaning fluctuations in the market. That’s what comes with stock market investing. They do offer the best opportunity for growth, though. That’s why we go there. But expect them to bounce arou...

I had a chance to take a group of students from Mississippi College to the Global Asset Management Education Conference in NYC. We ran into a group from Mississippi State as well as a group from Jackson State (I don’t know if Ole Miss was there). But it was a chance fo...

If we look at the price of oil right now—below $50 a barrel—it was about six months ago that it was at $115 a barrel. We see this huge drop. Everybody knows you’re starting to see prices at the pump below $2 a gallon. The strange thing about it earlier in the week: th...

GDP is Gross Domestic Product. It is a measure of the economic activity, and it’s like taking the temperature of the economy. You want it to be moving along nicely, but we don’t want to get too overheated. So we look at how this is taken and what our results are.

It is...

The Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913 and was created in response to all of these economic swings. We used to have all of these booms and busts in our economy. We wanted a mechanism that would help us address when we have downturns. That’s what the Federal Reser...

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