Disability is something most people don’t think about. They think about: “What happens if I die? I need life insurance.” But more people, more often than not, are going to end up disabled. One in four will have a chance o...

The question I always hear is: “How much house can I afford?” You don’t want to be “house poor,” because you want to be able to do some other things. But, there are some rules of thumb. Sometimes we say 2.5 times your household income is the total purchase price, or yo...

Most of the time when I talk to people, the biggest problem that I see is they have too much insurance. We have to balance protecting ourselves and not getting carried away and costing too much that it hurts our other finances. Once a year, pull out those policies and...

Once a year, you need to pull out your policies and do a checkup on your insurance. Remember that insurance is to protect against major events. Don’t try to protect against everything, because if you do, you’ll end up paying too much for insurance and not enough going...

I find that there’s so much to be saved by looking at your insurance policies. Many people are over-insured, or they have the wrong insurance. Or, they’ve just purchased insurance ten years ago, and they never went back and asked: What has changed; do I still need thes...

Dental expenses can be huge, and we don’t think about them as much. 42% of people don’t have any dental insurance at all. Those twice a year cleanings can be quite manageable; it’s not that expensive. But when you get into cavities and crowns and veneers, they can be v...

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