We hear “stock index,” and we ask the question: What is an index? Well, it’s really just a measure of how the overall stock market is doing. It is a benchmark, something we can use to compare our investments to. But, not every index is created equally.

One of the ones t...

There’s a difference between buying public companies and buying private companies. You have to be very, very careful. We’re starting to see another round of people going around and soliciting for you to purchase in or invest in their companies. Remember with a public c...

Investing in stocks in a long-term game. You just have to expect volatility, meaning fluctuations in the market. That’s what comes with stock market investing. They do offer the best opportunity for growth, though. That’s why we go there. But expect them to bounce arou...

We have two main types of annuities. One is called a fixed annuity, and one is a variable annuity.

A fixed means your rate is fixed, usually once a year or once every few years. They invest typically in bonds. A typical fixed annuity is going to be paying around 3% righ...

2010 was not bad, and if we look at the stock market, it was actually quite good with the S&P up 12.8% (not shabby). The NASDAQ, which is full of technology, was up almost 17% for the year. 2011 has started out great for Wall Street. We’ve already seen considerable gai...

We’re hearing about inflation a lot now. The classic definition is ‘too much money chasing too few goods’.  We don’t have inflation right now despite what you’re hearing out there. If you’re shopping, you know that. You know you can get a deal on a house, on a car, on...

What I’m hearing from so many people right now is they want safety, and the safest thing you can do is a treasury. Of course, these are bonds. When you buy a bond, what you’re doing is loaning money to someone. In this case, you’re loaning money to the U.S. government....

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