We don’t have full data on Christmas 2016 yet, because we have a bit of a hangover on our Christmas retail spending. It goes beyond Christmas. We’re all using our cash that we got at Christmas or our gift cards.

As of November, we saw sales growth of 3.8% over the previ...

 Catch information about year-end tax moves from Ryder on WLBT. Watch online here.

It’s a time of uncertainty, and everyone needs to know that uncertainty is the biggest thing that investors do not like. We’re trying to look at what this is going to mean for our stocks.

We looked at the Goldman Sachs Economic Outlook. There are some positives in that....

A lot of people who are retired are tempted by this. You need to stop and consider some things. The first is: Can you afford it? Some will say, I’m going to use some cash. Remember that if you give up that cash, especially if you’re retired, you’re giving up some prote...

When you don’t know what to give, and you’re standing there in the line waiting to pay for things, grab those gift cards. We know about three quarters of us give gift cards, and half of us put around $25 to $50 on those cards. At the end of the seasons, we’ll find that...

It’s fall. This is the time to sign up for MPACT. MPACT is the Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program. It works like an insurance policy. There is an annual signup. September 1st is when it starts, and it will go through the end of the year (December 31...

There’s a difference between buying public companies and buying private companies. You have to be very, very careful. We’re starting to see another round of people going around and soliciting for you to purchase in or invest in their companies. Remember with a public c...

Investing in stocks in a long-term game. You just have to expect volatility, meaning fluctuations in the market. That’s what comes with stock market investing. They do offer the best opportunity for growth, though. That’s why we go there. But expect them to bounce arou...

One of the most important questions to ask a financial advisor:  "Are you a fiduciary?"

Fiduciary is a legal term. We usually put the word “duty” with that: fiduciary duty. That means you have an obligation to act in someone else’s best interest—to not put yourself firs...

It’s hard to believe Social Security has been around for 80 years. It’s a great program, and everyone always asks me: Do you think it will last? So, I’m going to tell them: Take heart. It’s still there.

Some history first: It was modeled after Civil War pensions. German...

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