If you’re going to get a refund, it’s possible you’re having too much deducted from your paycheck. You might want to consider going back and looking at those deductions and talking to your Human Resources department to see if you want to adjust that.

But a lot of people...

This week your tax forms should be showing up if you haven’t gotten them already. It’s income tax season, so we have to ask: What is income? There are two types of income.

There’s earned income (that would be from your job). You’re going to get a W-2 on that. If you hav...

 Catch information about year-end tax moves from Ryder on WLBT. Watch online here.

Nancy gives us a refresher on taxes during Midday Money here.

I always tell people: Pay yourself rather than paying Uncle Sam. The best way to do that is to fund your retirement plan. Now, while we can’t do that for this past year, with this year’s changes in our 401(k), this is a good time to look at your 401(k) and ask if you’r...

W-2s record all of your earnings that you’ve made with your employers. These forms are sent out by January 31st.

1099s cover any dividends or interest you earn on investment accounts. If you give someone any contract labor to someone they will send you a 1099. If you ta...

It’s almost Thanksgiving; and we get very excited around Thanksgiving and the holidays, so I want to remind people that we’re getting towards the end of our tax reporting year. Go ahead and start looking at some things that you need to do to take advantage of some thin...

If you’re not ready to file your taxes, you at least have to file something. You can file an extension. This is done with a Form 4868. You can actually do it online. But you have to at least pay based on your estimated income. So it’s not like you can avoid paying your...

Our deadline is April 15th. If you file an extension—you can do that—it requires a payment. So you have to send the form in along with the payment that you expect to make.

You can e-file with tax software. And if you family makes below a certain income limit, you can fi...

We need to gather all our information. The advantage that we have now is much of that information is available digitally—you can find it online. Your W-2s should have already arrived. The 1099s (if you have investment accounts), those won’t show up until mid-February....

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